Information for WorldLead Members

WorldLead members may login to this website to download training materials, participate in discussions, and look up other members.

How to Log In

  1. You mustĀ  be a registered member of WorldLead. Everyone listed on the Participants page is already a registered member.
  2. In most cases, your Username is your last name followed by your first initial, in lowercase, with all punctuation and spaces removed. For example, if your name is Diane O’Henry, your username is ohenryd.
  3. Your initial Password was assigned to you at the conference in Florida.
  4. If you lost your password or never received it, it’s easy to set a new password by following these steps:
    1. Click Lost your password? on the Login form.
    2. Enter your Username or your email address that is on record with WorldLead.
    3. Click “Get New Password.”
    4. Check your email for a message with instructions to set a new password.
    5. If you still can’t login, perhaps we have the wrong email address on file for you. Please contact member support through this website. We are committed you getting you connected and will be glad to help you!
  5. After logging in for the first time, please click Profile in the upper right to review and update your contact information.

Special Features for WorldLead Members

Once you’ve logged in, you will be able to do more things:

    • View WorldLead Training Materials
      Click on Training in the main menu to view and download lessons from WorldLead sessions.
    • Participate in Discussions
      Click on Blog in the main menu to view WorldLead updates, read stories from the field, and participate in online discussions with other WorldLeaders.
    • Contact Other WorldLead Members
      Click on Directory in the main menu to look up contact information forĀ other WorldLead members and staff.
    • Update Your Information
      Click on Profile in the upper right to edit your profile. You can upload a new picture, change your password, and update your contact information. After logging in, please take a moment to review and update your contact information. The contact information that you supply will be used for all WorldLead communications.

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