For Such a Time As This

An update from the earthquake zone of Nepal

“And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”
– Esther 4:14b

We want to share with you what we have been going through these last weeks in Kathmandu, Nepal. Even though it has been 2 weeks since the destructive earthquake, still today small aftershocks can be felt. At this time it seems like everything is starting to go back to normal. There are still many Nepali people who have homes but choose to sleep outside in tents because of the trauma and fear that they have lived through because of the earthquake. The hospitals in Katmandu are no longer as crowded as they were 2 weeks ago. Many shops have re-opened, however the prices are starting to double.

Our family is well. It is hard for us to see so much suffering and pain in the Nepali people following the earthquake, but we remain strong and try to encourage and pray for those around us. Over the last weeks I was very involved in the distribution of aid to the needy. Together with the team I made thousands of packets with food items for families that lost their homes, after which we distributed these packets in villages where the authorities haven’t reached yet. I remember at night when we were going to bed, I closed my eyes and I could still see rice and other produce that we had packed. It was a very tiring time with very little sleep.

After the earthquake we tried to phone all of our Nepali friends including Bishal (not his real name) but we weren’t able. He is the only Christian in the village. So I thought to myself that I would take some food packets and visit the village where he lived.

Arriving in the village I felt so sad to see that many houses had been destroyed and to hear that some people had also died. I headed straight for Bishal’s house. I found him in front of his house which had been destroyed. I asked him if his family was safe. “The Lord saved my family,” replied Bishal. He told me that during the earthquake everyone was outside in the courtyard of the house, except his 8 month old child who was asleep inside. When everything started to shake and fall, Bishal understood that something terrible was happening and that his child was in great danger. He tried to run towards the house but it was impossible: the ground gave way beneath his feet. In seconds the house collapsed. Bishal thought that everything was lost, his baby son, house and animals but miraculously something started to move beneath the ruins. It was his son who was crawling towards the light. Praise the Lord!

After what I saw and what I had heard it was really difficult for me to say anything more. We prayed together and I left to the next village. In times like these it is hard to share about God, however people received more than ever the offer for us to pray for them. We are so limited and we cannot meet these huge needs.

  • Please pray together with us for Nepal, that God would respond to the people’s needs.
  • Please pray that through this miracle that Bishal’s entire family would realise that God saved them and not the idols that they worship.
  • Please pray that Bishal would remain strong in his faith.
  • Please pray for a place for him and his family to live as well as all those who also lost homes in the earthquake.
  • Please pray for a family member of my own, that the Lord would take away their fear and stress and they will be victorious in the face of these difficulties.

Thank you that you are with us!

Posted by Vladimir on 11 May 2015