Focus: Liberia

Focus: LiberiaGreetings from Liberia!

The Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever continues to put great pressure on the people of Liberia.

Initially, many people were living in denial of the crisis, but with the continual rise in the death toll and the rapid speed at which the Ebola virus is spreading, the national government has initiated measures including the massive sensitization of the people on proper hygiene practices. Public gathering and the movement of suspected Ebola infected people from one area to another are now restricted. The number of passengers riding on public and private transport cars are now reduced to avoid human-to-human contact.

The infection of the two Samaritan’s Purse medical doctors by the Ebola virus in Liberia who had been flown to the US for medical assistance has put so much fear in the medical practitioners of Liberia. As a result, many health centers, public and private, are now closed to the public.

Jerome, WorldLead Class of 2012, serves with Awana International in Liberia

There is concern that many people could die from non-Ebola related diseases even accidents, due to the closing of health centers. This is the critical dimension the Ebola crisis in Liberia has reached.

We can only rely on your usual prayer support for God’s own intervention to save Liberia and its two neighbors, Sierra Leone and Guinea, from the Ebola crisis.

Thank you for praying.

Posted by Jerome on 13 August 2014