Longitude and Latitude

Longitude and LatitudeWe sing and teach about the attributes of God. How wonderful God is. His love, His mercy, His grace. We also teach and sing about the works of God. What is the difference between the attributes of God and the works of God? There is a huge difference and we need to understand it. Here is a little example. Do you like geography or am I the only one that likes maps? I love maps. Well if you remember your maps, or an atlas, remember there are lines on a map. I have a huge one in my office, five feet by four feet. There are two kinds of lines on a map. These are: longitudes and latitudes. Longitudes are north and south and latitudes are east and west.

GlobeNow let’s put it on a globe. Not on a map, but on a globe because that’s what we live on. We live on a sphere. What is unique about latitude? It never ends. If you head east you will always head east unless you stop. You will never head west, north, or south unless you turn. You will always head east. Think of God’s attributes like latitudes. They never end. His grace never ends. His mercy never ends. His patience never ends. His faithfulness never ends. His holiness never ends. In fact in Psalms it says, He has forgiven you, His forgiveness never ends, as far as the “east is from the west”. How far is that? Infinity. East and west never meet. God’s attributes, His omniscience, anything you want to name as you’re reading through it, it never ends. It is there all the time, the same, and it never ends.

But the works of God are different. The works of God are like longitudes. What is a longitude? Where does it start? At the North Pole and goes to the South Pole or vise versa depending on which side of the equator you live. But it has a starting point and an ending point. God does not always work in the same way with every single person, every single time. His attributes are the same, He has the same grace, same mercy, same loving kindness, same holiness, but He does not work the same.

His attributes are always the same, but He does not always work the same.Let me give you an example. My son died at thirteen. His grandfather is still alive at eighty-three years of age. God did not work the same way with these two. Why? Because one had thirteen earthly years, one has had eighty-three plus earthly years. God has not worked with one family as He has worked with another family or with one individual like He has worked with you. Why? Because God’s work is different with each individual whether it be a group, a family or personally and we need to understand it. But He works with us with the same grace and mercy and justice. We don’t know when His work begins and when His work ends. That’s the thing. It is appointed for us to die, but we don’t know when that is. I have no idea. We could walk outside and one of us could die today. Or we could all live for another ten years. Only God knows. There’s no such thing as a premature death. In God’s eyes He has appointed us. People say, “Oh, I’m sorry your son died prematurely.” Not in God’s eyes. God’s eyes are different from our eyes because His work is not necessarily tied to specific time like we are. So, you can think of longitude as God’s work, and latitude as God’s attributes. God’s attributes, His grace, His love, and His mercy is for anyone. It is open to every person. Pray that we begin to understand God’s work in our lives.

God bless you,
Bill Mitchell

Posted by Bill on 24 July 2014